There is no cure for HIV/AIDS
The only way to know if you have HIV is by having a blood test
HIV+ means you have the human immunodeficiency virus
Welcome to Healing Our Nations

The AIDS Task Force began in 1991 after two First Nation people from Nova Scotia attended an AIDS conference in BC. They were very concerned about the effect this disease may have on their home communities, so influenced others to educate First Nation communities across Nova Scotia about HIV and AIDS. Fifteen First Nation communities across the province quickly joined forces to begin their fight against AIDS forming the "Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq AIDS Task Force". All the Atlantic Provinces have since joined the cause. You may know us to be the Atlantic First Nations AIDS Task Force. However, since May 2000 our organization is now known as Healing Our Nations.


Our purpose is to educate First Nation people and the Indigenous population in Atlantic Canada about transmission, treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and other Sexually Transmitted Blood Borne Infections.  Our goal is to assist First Nation people rediscover their pride, traditions, and spirituality in an attempt to improve child development and reduce family violence, substance abuse, depression, and suicide.